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Hau & Associates provides a wide range of business services. We would be very happy to meet with you to discuss how our firm can be of service to you in any of the following areas:


Accounting Services

Hau & Associates, S.C. gives you in-depth insight into your business. With a thorough understanding of your financial statements, you can quickly identify the areas of your business that most require attention, and provide the most opportunity for growth. Our interviewing process identifies the specific financial information you need in order to manage your business effectively. We can then tailor your accounting system to include this information in your financial statement package.

Finally, we will meet with you periodically to discuss your financial statements and what they mean to your business. Typical areas of discussion include:

  • What trends do your financial statements show?
  • What is your break-even point?
  • Is there a need for additional operating capital or perhaps a line-of-credit?
  • How will your company finance projected expansion and growth plans?
  • What tax planning opportunities are available?

Whatever the question, we work with you to help find solutions.

Last but not least, our optional hosted accounting services server ( allows secure access to your accounting data from any internet connected Windows-based computers. Backups are done daily, and best of all we are able to help with all of your accounting needs in real time without any disk swapping or interruption to your work.

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Accounting Software Selection and Implementation

Businesses have a wide variety of accounting software packages to choose from. As accounting professionals, we are familiar with a number of accounting programs including QuickBooks, PeachTree, Great Plains, Solomon, Real World, DAC Easy, MAS-90, and others. Depending on the size and nature of your business, some software packages are more suitable than others. Our experienced staff is ready to help choose the software that best fits your needs.

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Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

Whether your business needs compiled financial statements, or more in-depth reviewed or audited statements, Hau & Associates, SC is ready and able to serve your needs. Most small businesses need compiled statements for internal use and for their banks. However, we also provide more intensive services such as reviews and audits, which may be required by regulatory authority, or by loan covenants. We perform audits and/or reviews for manufacturing companies, investment companies, distribution companies, not-for-profits, homeowner associations, and a wide variety of other businesses.

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Business Entity Selection

Choosing the type of entity for your business (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company) is a crucial decision that can have long-term economic and tax implications, positive or negative. For example, limited liability companies, taxed as partnerships, work well for real estate holding companies. For manufacturing companies, corporations or limited liability companies (taxed as corporations) are often chosen. Finally, the decision as to whether a corporation should make an "S-election" varies from business to business. With our experience with hundreds of small businesses, we can help you determine the most advantageous type of entity for your business.

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Business Succession Planning

One of the most challenging aspects of business ownership is developing an exit strategy. Whether this takes the form of a sale to family members, trusted employees, outsiders, or a combination of the above, we can help.

A well-crafted business succession plan is ideally developed months, if not years before it is implemented. This gives the business owner ample time to get comfortable with the plan, and to adjust the plan as circumstances or perceptions change. We have worked with a number of businesses over the years to develop "win-win" business succession plans.

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Business Valuations

If you are thinking of buying a new business or selling an existing business the valuation of that business is vitally important. Business valuations are also frequently reconstituted by events such as divorce, a death in the family, or other unanticipated circumstances. Hau & Associates, SC provides useful and objective analysis to assist you in the valuation of your business.

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Buying and Selling a Business

There are a number of factors that can dramatically affect the viability of the purchase or sale of a business. Of particular concern are the value assigned to the business, the structure of the transaction, cash flow, and of course, tax considerations. From assigning a value (See Business Valuations) to strategizing the plan, Hau & Associates, SC can help.

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Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis

A business can be profitable and still have cash flow problems, frequently caused by rapid growth. We can evaluate and forecast your company's financial condition and the related financing requirements. We have developed comprehensive in-depth projection models to forecast profits, cash flows, loan amortization, and future balance sheets. (See Also "Financial Forecast and Projections.")

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Consulting Services

At Hau & Associates, SC, we gauge success by our ability to help our clients reach their financial goals. We help our business clients identify areas negatively affecting profitability and growth, and work cooperatively to develop strategies and solutions. We also act as a sounding board for management. For proposed action plans we provide comprehensive, flexible strategies that address issues affecting your business.

For our non-business clients our consulting services include assisting in the selection of an investment advisor, estate planning litigation support, and development of personal financial statements and projections.

The following are just a few of the areas in which we provide consulting services:

  • Accounting software selection and implementation
  • Business entity selection
  • Business valuations
  • Buying and selling a business
  • Estate, trust and gift planning
  • Financial forecasts and projections
  • Selection of investment advisor
  • Retirement planning

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Estate Planning

It can be a complicated process to ensure that the assets in your estate are distributed according to your wishes. Hau & Associates will work closely with you to develop a unique plan that will enable your assets to pass in a prudent, judicious manner consistent with your goals and free of any undue taxation.

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Estate and Trust Tax Preparation

At Hau & Associates, we have worked with hundreds of estates and trusts performing such varied functions as preparation of estate and fiduciary tax returns, assistance with informal probate, and providing accounting services to track and report estate or trust activity.

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Financial Forecast and Projections

At Hau & Associates, SC, creating customized financial projections is one of our best services. Through our in-depth interview process, we develop a projection template that can be easily modified to portray a variety of best-case/worse-case scenarios. Modified financial projections are produced in a matter of seconds.

Typically, new start-up businesses need detailed financial projections for the first three to five years, including:

  • Month-by-month and yearly profit and loss statements.
  • Month-by-month and yearly cash flow statements, including anticipated reductions in lines of credit, increases in money market balances, income taxes, and distributions to owners.
  • Annual balance sheets.
  • Detailed amortization schedules for existing and projected financing.

Our financial forecasts and projections offer all of the above, and include a summary of assumptions as well, for your internal use or to assist you in obtaining financing.

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Our clients quickly realize the value of the ASP connection for the many benefits it provides.

  • Access to your QuickBooks files 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, from any internet connection.
  • Elimination of damaged files or disks from mailing or emailing data back and forth.
  • Up-to-the-minute financial statements for both you and your accounting firm.
  • Ability to work from multiple terminals at different remote locations.
  • Reduction in overall accounting fees because of the efficiencies of connection.
  • No charge for updating your payroll tax tables.
  • Nightly backup of all data and anti-virus protection software for your QuickBooks file.
  • "Shadowing" available to facilitate training.
  • Responsive technical support by Hau & Associates. Other technical support services, such as installation of credit card features, or emailing of sales invoices, are billed at our standard billing rates.

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Investment Review

Hau & Associates, SC has established collaborative relationships with reliable investment advisors of the highest integrity. As a team, we work with you to build a portfolio to reach your financial objectives. If you are looking for professional investment advice, give us a call. A joint meeting with our firm and our investment advisors can set the path for your financial future.

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Litigation Support

Our firm is well qualified to provide expert witness services in litigation cases. With our extensive accounting, auditing, and consulting experience, we can assist you with a variety of litigation situations, including economic damages, identifying fraud or embezzlement, helping establish the value of marital assets, and even assisting with negotiating settlements.

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Medical Billing

A key element to operating a successful medical practice is to have effective medical billing and collection procedures. At Hau & Associates, SC our medical billing follow-up, and collection process have proven to be successful. Our experienced medical billing personnel combined with state of the art software, enable us to provide high quality service at competitive prices. We provide electronic transmissions of claims in order to minimize the time between submission of the claim and receipt of payment.

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Payroll Services

Every business with employees is familiar with the challenges of payroll administration. Hau & Associates, SC has extensive experience in implemented reliable, efficient and effective payroll systems for a wide range of clients. We also prepare all required payroll reports, or if you prefer, we can train you in this process.

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Representation in Tax Matters

Our years of experience dealing with complex tax matters enables us to effectively represent you in resolving issues involving the IRS or State tax agencies.

If you have received correspondences from a taxing authority requesting further information, or indicating that you are being audited, give us a call. Proper and competent representation is often the key to successful resolution of a tax controversy.

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Retirement Planning

Qualified retirement plans can provide significant tax advantages for closely held businesses and self-employed individuals. Choosing the type of retirement plan best suited for your goals and those of your employees is a task that requires careful deliberation. At Hau & Associates, we work with a variety of plans, including defined benefit plans, 401(k), SEP, SAR-SEP, and SIMPLE plans. Our consultation services include asking the right questions to identify the type of plan best suited for you.

In addition, we can assist in retirement plan administration by compiling financial statements for plan assets and preparing annual reporting forms.

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Sales Tax Services

Many businesses are responsible for collecting and submitting sales taxes to various governmental units. We can help your business compile information and prepare sales tax returns accurately and on a timely basis.

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Tax Planning

Comprehensive tax planning is an essential strategy of any successful business. By using our experience and up-to-date knowledge of new tax law developments, you can minimize your current and future tax liabilities.

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Tax Return Preparation - Business, Personal, Estate, and Trusts

Hau & Associates, SC has extensive experience in the preparation of income tax returns and information returns for corporations, partnerships, not-for-profit organizations, individuals, estates, and trusts. Tax preparation involves more than simply filling out forms based on the information provided. We interview you to help identify tax opportunities that might otherwise be missed. Combined with strategic tax planning, our services can minimize your tax liability.

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